Targeted email marketing towards Magento shoppers

Where do you start? Targeted email marketing in Magento is, as in all of e-commerce, all about two things: One, sending relevant content, and two, sending that content at a relevant time. In this article, we´ll go through some general pointers, as well as some Magento-specific tips, mainly relating to our plugin, that will help you be on point in your setup and communication.

Relevant time

Correct sequencing is really key to getting anywhere in your email marketing. For your basic email setup, including, post-purchase emails, receipt, shipping confirmation emails and so on, use the rule of predictability. Be just like any other site in terms of sequencing and timing, customers can very easily get confused by multiple emails regarding things like their purchases, especially if they are new to your platform and just registered.

Relevant content

When it comes to content, we generally never recommend you to be anything but fun. Always remember, one of the main keys to getting high conversion numbers on email content, is to just do everything with a smile, most reports regarding consumer sentiment on email content really presses this fact.

However, that doesn’t make just anything relevant and relatable to your target group, the best way to share relevant content to your Magento customers, is to be smart when sorting out your Magento Groups, to really establish a target group within every Magento Group. And by this we mean that you should at least have some other metric than just the most basic demographic stuff to put in there, for example, category interest, can really be a good foreseer of interest in content types delivered through email.

An example: curated content

One way to emailing success, is really putting in the time when it comes to curation. Whenever you are sending out reactivation-type emails, providing the right type of curated content could be a major success-factor. For example, let’s say you are selling a disproportionately large amount of protein bars to one of your Magento Groups, which consists of men between the age of 18 and 45. Then one might assume that it would be a great idea to send out a linked article to “Our list of the top 10 protein bars for fitness enthusiasts” which is a landing page on your site.

How can Pinguin help you become more accurate?

Pinguin is a Magento 1 and 2 Loyalty Program provider, that integrates with the Magento standard SMTP. In this way, you can use the standardized Magento email function, but set up triggers with lots of consumer data to back your assumptions of who should be getting what emails at what specific time. Among lots of other things, it is also possible to set different pricing in campaigns towards customers placed in different levels of the loyalty program. Give us a call or book a demo on site to find out more about Pinguin.