Magento loyalty – Leverage groups in your rewards program!

When setting up your Magento loyalty program, one of the most key Magento features for a good startup process are Groups. With the right type of settings, and data backed assumptions, It’s easy to create, test and continually improve your rewards program segmentation from the ground up.

Sorting users

So, this is where the journey towards improved Share of Wallet, Repeat Purchase Rate and Average Order Value begins. Start thinking of what types of datasets you, in your specific context, can track from customers. What are the things that will give you the most key insights into what your target groups and sub-target groups likes, and doesn’t like? What are some of the behavioral traits, purchasing patterns and lifestyles of your most key customers? These are all good questions to use as a basic framework for sorting Magento groups before you start exporting and activate your loyalty program.

A/B testing

However good or bad your initial sorting feels, remember, with many loyalty programs, including our own, you can always A/B test programs in parallel and make informed decisions on how to continue developing your segmentation.

In Pinguin for example, there is a specific part of your analytics dashboard where you can compare two different Magento Loyalty programs that are active, and then merge the two groups into one of the alternatives, needless to say, it is a really useful tool. This especially goes for those initial few weeks of activation, where testing of smaller group batches are a given before letting loose the full loyalty program.

Continuous improvement

A/B testing of programs with smaller batches of customers is very useful, but only gets you that far. Once the loyalty program feels stabilized, and your intended audience have on-boarded into the program, its time to start testing out the smaller details. This part, the continuous testing and launching of campaigns and rules, is where the real magic happens.

With Pinguin Loyalty it’s really only your imagination that sets out the boundaries of what your loyalty program will become. There is multiple reward types, and fully customizable rewards as well. In Pinguin, even the metrics for scoring your customers are customizable.

Why not try and leverage social media? Instagram mentions in exchange for points is one way out of a variety of social metrics that can be used.