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Pinguin is a new type of customer loyalty program. Pinguin rewards e-commerce customers based on a wide variety of activities, from simple purchases to social actions, such as social media interactions and reviews.

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Marketing Automation & Analytics

Pinguin helps e-commerce marketing and sales professionals increase the repeat purchase rate among registered customers. Pinguin analyses customer preferences and incentives, to enable a low-cost, high quality, customer journey.


Social As A Service

Pinguin is a software that incorporates your social media accounts into the customer loyalty program. Customers can finally be rewarded for their social actions!

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Individualized email-marketing automation

Pinguin helps increase email conversions. Pinguin populates third-party email systems with its loyalty program template and individual data, helping customers become aware of their status within the program.


What sites are pinguin sites?

Typically, retail and marketplace sites providing goods for a social media-active B2C target group. However, there are no rules without exceptions, feel free to contact us if you need some advice on your loyalty program, B2C or not.



Connect & Go

To get started, developers connect Pinguin to your e-commerce platform, analytics provider and social accounts. Once connected, e-commerce professionals easily form their own, fully customizable, social loyalty program, upon first login onto the platform.

Flexible framework

One of the main benefits of choosing Pinguin as your loyalty program provider is flexibility. While other providers of regular points programs are more or less out-of-the-box ready frameworks, Pinguin is highly flexible in all areas of the program. You can customize reward types, achievement levels, and much more.


Unique Reward Builder

With Pinguins unique reward builder, your loyalty program rewards no longer needs to be connected to specific discounts or an amount of points. There are more existing values throughout your organization that you can offer, instead of the endless, boring discounts (discounts that also costs you a lot).

Instead, give every customer the reward that activates them, personally. Some may still want discounts, some might prefer an invitation to an event, a product launch, pre-order exclusives, or why not give some customers early access to Black Friday?

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Customer loyalty funneling in ecommerce

There are many potential benefits of customer loyalty funneling, especially within the most heavily saturated niches of the e-commerce field. Here, groups of mid-sized and large e-tailers with big revenue and little margin relentlessly compete for customers attention. Cutting costs through customer loyalty and individualized retention campaigns Loyalty funneling, to us, is a term indicating […]

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